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Who are we ? 

Welcome to MoroccanRugs4U, the online shop belonging to the Cooperative of handmade Ouaouzguiti Rugs established since 1938, one of the oldest and best one, specialized in  handmade Berber rugs in Morocco.

 MoroccanRugs4U is a fair trade artisan project and a premier supplier of authentic Moroccan decorative berber rugs. Each rug is unique and of exceptional quality. They are hand woven by family women in our cooperative.

We aim to preserve centuries-old traditions, using the finest grade natural spring wools, native dyes and herbal washes.

MoroccanRugs4U is committed to delivering beautiful long lasting textiles. As a native Berber, it is our mission to bring the rich tradition and culture of the Moroccan  Berber people to Western living spaces.

We are pleased to offer a large selection of hand-knotted, authentic Ouaouzguiti quality Berber Rugs made by fairly paid artisans women .

-The president Nixon inspecting a Moroccan Rug during his visit to Morocco on 1957. -

President Nixon inspecting a Moroccan berber Rug 1975


The snapshot, posted on the Facebook page of the US embassy in Rabat, is accompanied by a message: "Everyone admires Moroccan craftsmanship, including US Secretary of State John Kerry and Ambassador Bush", wrote the communication service of the embassy.



We  offer various designs and sizes in our online shop as well as custom orders with bespoke designs to any dimension. And we guarantee  our clients obtain the best quality of authentic Moroccan handmade berber rugs and other homewares with a variety of colours and styles available to suit your style. We strongly believe that all our products will benefit you for experiencing the handmade goods.

We provide our clients a wide variety of Beni Ourain, Azilal, Glaoui, Taznakht, Yacoub, Zemmour rugs and other handmade Moroccan homewares. The reason we do so is to beautify your home with the inspiration.

Our prestigious items are produced by our own local skilful artisans (women).



They are rooted Ouarzazate villagers who maintain this handmade “treasure” from their ancestors. Therefore, our Moroccan berber rugs are made in 100% natural wools.



 Moroccan Tribal Rugs are hand made using natural organic wool. They work great for Modern interiors or traditional decor. Moroccan carpets are very popular and are used by many designers in Hotel or private residences. 


working rugs outside in the Atlas Mountain

Who are the cooperative's members?

Our members are generally composed of rural craftswomen ,who own the totality of the items we show for sale .
The main aim of our cooperative (association) is to ensure the marketing process for those women's products.
We invite you to watch this video to realize how those berber women strive to make rugs , and try to keep rug alive , and profitable:


At our Cooperative, we believe in a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved.

This means providing well made, quality products for our customers and a fair livable income for our artisans. When you purchase a Berber Ouaouzguiti Rug, you not only acquire a beautiful piece of functional art, you also support lives, culture and education in Southern Morocco,especially the regions existing in the Atlas mountain .

Fair Trade produces Quality

Quite simply, when artisans know they receive a fair, living wage for their work, they can focus on their work, focus on creativity, focus on good materials, focus on quality.

Fair trade produces quality, breeds empowerment, fuels creativity and fosters respect and peace.