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The Moroccan Berber Rug & Amazigh Tifinagh symbols

The Moroccan berber rugs, especially the Amazighs, are rich in vivid and colorful colors, geometric shapes and symbols with a cultural and national load, most notably the Amazigh Tifinagh, which women play a leading role in preserving, by decorating them in a manner that is not without magnificence. The Arab Maghreb News Agency reported.

Amazigh Tifinagh language-Berber rug from Morocco

However, the economic and social transformations that have imposed themselves on the course of their production and promotion necessitates the adoption of approaches and initiatives in order to preserve this inherent cultural heritage and ensure its continuity and transfer it to new generations of Craftsmen and weavers.

In this regard, Mrs. Khadija Aziz, a member of the communication department of the Royal Institute of Berber Culture, said that the presence of the symbols and forms of the Tifinagh character in the Moroccan Berber rug gives it a distinctive characteristic of its counterparts in the world. Whether it is in color or in geometric shapes or in artistic and aesthetic touches, Of the civilizational elements of Morocco and North Africa.


In a statement to the MAP-Amazigh news portal, Khadija Aziz said that this feature has made Moroccan ministers compete in exhibitions and international galleries, calling for the encouragement of workers in this sector and motivating them to promote the Moroccan Berber Rug.


Although the characters of Tifinagh have been preserved in stone inscriptions for centuries longer than they were widely used in writing, they continued to be present through many elements of material culture such as architecture, henna and tattoos, in forms appropriate to the simple decoration needs of them Berbercommunity.



For her part, Mrs. Safia Eminotras, the head of the "Iznakin Feminism" association in the Taznakht region of Ouarzazate province, said that the area's carpets, known as the Berber village hamster made of wool and natural colors, consist of several forms including the Wazikite, Noting that all these patterns have Amazigh cultural load in terms of colors and shape and decoration.


She added that the forms that decorate the Moroccan Berebr rugs have meanings and connotations. In the past, these carpets formed a means of communication between the family members, especially among women who are very knowledgeable in deciphering the scripts and symbols that make up this rug. Amazigh is the main language of communication Among the inhabitants of the region.


For her part, said Vazma Jawad, a member of the same cooperative that the craft weaving weaves inherited by the girls from the mother generation after generation is considered a breath of creativity for berber women who take advantage of their spare time in the fabric, likeness Moroccan carpet painting plastic. "Berber women are a formative artist who employs the character of Tifinagh to express her authentic Amazigh identity," she said.


In order to preserve and ensure this heritage, Mrs. Khadija Aziz called for strengthening the programs of work of the Ministry of Handicraft, Social Economy and Solidarity and the Ministry of Culture in view of their tasks in providing the necessary conditions that encourage the traditional material industries, The original elements of Moroccan privacy in their work, so that they are spared the negative effects of cultural globalization and enable them to assimilate the requirements of the times.


It also highlighted the role of the education sector in the definition of the characteristics of Tifinagh character and its functions in the carpets and architectural facilities of students and students, by including it in the curriculum, and thus give them the opportunity to link the deep roots of Moroccan civilization and the present full of challenges in this area.

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