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The story of Taznakhte women embroidered on looms



Long are the days and nights of these women weavers of Taznakhte. Girls, teenagers and women who marry art, expression and creativity. They build success and commitment to women by weaving carpets whose beauty and authenticity are second to none. Mbarka Bahssi is one of many examples. A sexagenarian who spent a lot of her life weaving carpets. An activity she started at the age of nine.


hajja mbarka woman weaver moroccan rugs

In the past, looms were installed in all homes. The warp and weft threads were canvases on which the women of Taznakhte painted beautiful paintings, rugs rich in color and adorned with different designs. It was especially moments of sharing, conviviality and solidarity reserved exclusively for women. Washing the wool, disentangling it, combing it, spinning it, all the work of an ant courageously conducted by these disinterested women. Weaving for them was a space of freedom and creativity where women freely tell their lives through patterns and colors.


two women weaving wool moroccan rugs

Today Mbarka is recovering to get to the front of the stage. In a cultural and socio-economic context that is categorically different from the past, it gives up the role of a simple worker's ant that trims in the shadows. She multiplies the caps in her association "Tifaoute for the rural woman of Taznakhte". Very active, she is also ambassador of the carpet of Taznakhte. She represents him everywhere in the kingdom.

The sleeves rolled up, her tongue is as sharp as a thin blade. Mbarka is stepping up to denounce the precarious situation of poor carpet workers. "Women wander thirsty and hungry with their carpets in the souk. They left behind mouths to feed, kids to school and bills of water and electricity to pay. Intermediates, greedy for gain, throw them crumbs. Crushed by need, they sell their carpets for nothing, their profit does not exceed sometimes 20 dh. It's unfair, "she protests. Mbarka defends the cause of the carpet of Tazenakht and launches a call to the consultation and the valorization of this precious product of soil. "Our center is open. We will weave carpets as long as we have the strength to do so. I tell officials to be interested in this category of women who are doing well with their equipment.

These women who preserve a valuable cultural heritage in this case the carpet "she concludes. The message passed, Mbarka takes his combs announcing the draft of a new carpet.

women weaving moroccan berber rug

Where a Taznakhte carpet is unrolled or hung, think of those brave, resourceful women who are the artists. Each woven carpet is the human story of a woman, a wife, a mother or a widow who drew her hopes and her ills. Admiring the beauty of the product, let's pay tribute to her artisans who tell their story about looms strand by strand.


Author  :  J.Rodi

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