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The Moroccan berber rug vary from region to region.


The features of berber rug 

The Moroccan berber rug  is characterized by the unexampled skill and mastery of the performance, which is an expression of Moroccan traditions and popular habits, and reveals the joys and suffering of its creative. Moroccan berber rug  vary from region to region, and each region has its own privacy in the production of berber woolen carpet.

 Every Moroccan berber rug is a art painting, with a different reading. Berber rugs of  Morocco is not only a masterpiece, or a tool for daily use, but an expression of the life of a particular region.





The Moroccan berber rug  handwoven woolen rug is the fruit of the imagination of the amazigh population. It goes beyond its utilitarian function, as it is an important element of its cultural and religious environment. Inside these berber rug, everything has meaning and carries many connotations and make a sens . The colors have their indication, and the tribal signs that this product has been carrying as well. The carpet that weave in various amazigh tribes are often made of pure wool.

It is decorated with simple geometric forms such as the lozenge, the triangle, the rectangle,and squares.




The rugs of  Atlas mountains, middle  Atlas, eastern region , and Haouz region  in Marrakesh , all are names  meaning the wealth and the diversity of the Berber rug in Morocco. To reveal its origin , each berber woolen carpet take as name the tribe to whom is belonging and still characterized by the precision of its fabric, the symmetry of its colors and the decoration of its geometry, and this kind of Berber rug is known by its measurement : the width varies from 1,50 to 1,75cm and its weaving is based on plant products and on two types of essential colors : red and orange, and the sometimes the black color. Because each region uses wool types according to its privacy, and it is certain that reflects the nature of this area It is a common color: Red, Blue, Black, yellow and orange.


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