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In a general manner avoid :


-To expose your carpet to too much light.

-Place it in a place that is too confined or particularly wet.

-Always leave it in the same place, especially if it is a place of passage.

-To detach a dusty carpet: it is imperative to vacuum the front.

-To soak carpets.

It is recommended to periodically change its meaning and, if possible, space. 

Tips & Tricks

Moroccan berber rugs tips and tricks

We revive the colors of a wool carpet by moistening (and not soaking) with sparkling water. Let dry and brush gently.

To completely remove dust from a carpet, sprinkle it with tea leaves still wet. Let dry then vacuum.

In order to answer precisely all your questions,

please note that you can consult your usual dealer or contact us directly.



Perform it weekly using your vacuum cleaner, brush position.

This operation should not be neglected, because the dust, while encrusted in the heart of the carpet, stifles the fibers which, like all the organic substances, need air to keep in good condition. In addition, a dirty carpet is often the prey of moths.

 Stain Removal

 In case of an incident, intervene immediately (you will have a 90% chance that the stain disappears). Here's how to eliminate the most common stains:

moroccan berber rugs stain removal

  For natural fiber carpets: 

Fatty spots (waxing, fuel and tar):

- Carefully remove the excess with a spatula,

- Apply a mixture of Sommières soil and perchlorethylene on the stained area,

- Let it dry, start again if necessary.paint stains

:- Remove the excess,

- Dab the stain with a mixture of Sommières clay and benzine,

- Let it dry, suck.Mud stains

- Vacuum the stain once dry,

- If traces remain, rub them with vinegar water (1 tablespoon per liter of water),

- Rinse and sponge immediately with a cloth.Spots of alcohol, inks, coffee, jam or sauce:

- Absorb quickly the stain with a blotter or talc,

- Dab with a cloth soaked in alcohol and water (1/4 water, 3/4 alcohol).Candle stains:

- Remove the excess with a spatula,

- Apply a blotter or paper towel to the stain and put a hot iron on it,

- The rest of the stain will be eliminated with benzine.Stains of excrement and vomit:

- Dab with a cloth moistened with a mixture of equal parts of water and ammonia (the pure white vinegar also gives very good results),

- Rinse and dry. If the stain persists and depending on its nature, preferably use specific stain removers. If you are using a commercial solvent type product, first try a corner of the carpet. A tip: dab by raising the hair to avoid the felting of the wool, which results from the bursting of the fiber. 

For vegetal fiber carpets: 

 vegetable fibers rugs moroccan berber rugs

Carpets made with vegetable fibers are used to provide an element of great durability in hotels.

Warning :

The "Sisal" is sensitive to water and stains. If it is wet, it must be wiped and dry with a hair dryer, from the periphery to the center to avoid halos.Spots of alcohol, coffee, Cola:

- Remove them with shampoo with water and vinegar.

Fat spots:

- Dab with a cloth soaked in pure alcohol,

- Let evaporate,

- Pass another cloth soaked in soapy water and white vinegar.

Chewing gum stains:

- To harden it by passing on a plastic bag filled with ice cubes,

- Once hardened, remove it with a spatula respecting the direction of the fiber. 

For artificial silk carpets: 


- Except for trichlorethylene, all solvents can remove artificial silk.

- Apart from cleaning and stain removal, your carpet requires, periodically, and depending on the degree of fouling, a thorough cleaning.It is necessary when a large surface of the carpet is dirty.By thorough cleaning, we obtain an (optimal) removal of dirt and we find the original characteristics of use.

- Deep cleaning should be done by a specialist:it is a washing with warm water at 25 ° C and drying the carpet in the open air. 

For leather carpets: 


- Leather is a living material! For your carpet to breathe, keep it in a dry, clean and ventilated area.

- Only use elaborate and guaranteed special leather products.

- Always test the stain remover on a hidden part of the carpet!

- Brighten up your carpet with a reviving special leather bomb.

- For deep cleaning (dry cleaning) please consult a specialist. 

Break-in of the first months (breaking up) 

Wool carpets can cause the appearance of "stuffed animals".

This is not abnormal and depends on the very nature of the material.

Moroccan-berber-rug-woollen rug

This is what distinguishes a carpet of good quality.

In the first few weeks, the short fibers break off and appear on the surface of the carpet.

Do not be afraid to tread your carpet whose fluff on the surface will be easily removed with the vacuum cleaner.

These "soft toys" disappear after a few weeks of use.


Author : J.Rodi


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