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Moroccan Berber Boucherouite Rug

What's  "Boucherouite" Rug ?

The carpet "Boucharouite " Rug is added to the list of wonderful creations of carpets made in Morocco.  This marvelous Moroccan rug is a consequence of the change that has occurred in recent decades in rural Morocco, where the ancient nomadic culture has been replaced by sedentary agriculture and other modern forms of employment. This has meant that the exclusive wool of the sheep, which is the material that constitutes carpets, has become even rarer. That's why it has become even more important to use textiles that have already been used, which women in rural Morocco do superbly. The colors and patterns of the Boucharouette rug are reminiscent of the Ouaouzguit rug and, like the latter, the Boucharouette rug is also featured in various art exhibitions around the world.

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In  very small domestic homes, Moroccan Berber women weave rugs  from textiles that have already been used, such as wool, cotton, yarns, synthetic fibers and other textiles that can be recycled. Thousands of rags or ends of cotton, nylon or synthetic materials, more rarely wool then participate in the manufacture of fabulous sets. The contrast between the poverty of matter and the richness of the composition adds to the astonishment and wonder of this popular art.

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While there was still little time, these rugs did not interest anyone and that the carpet traders of the souks did not even propose them, a movement of interest was born that goes from Europe, to the USA and Japan . The sincerity of these works of popular art, their joy of color, their lyrical abstractions, the low prices, are of interest to young, trendy generations in search of aesthetic and authentic values. The small formats that are often saddle pads are now framed by gallerists and thus take their status of "carpet tables". These works of great artistic richness are like paintings of artists to install on the wall. These carpets are an invitation to visual reverie, where nothing is definitively defined in advance, where the suspended forms seem to suggest a continuity towards the infinite beyond the framework of the carpet-table.


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We like to vibrate in front of this or that carpet. It is even more moving to think that this one was not designed to be art. He became so without the knowledge of his creator whose will to create a domestic object was sublimated by influences buried in the memory of his ancestors. Each carpet-table transcends in a surprising way the ethnic determinisms of its origin to reach a universal aesthetic expression. Esthetism that operates magically and immediately on the look. Unlike most European tapestry techniques that work from a model (or "cardboard"), the Berber woman advances under his fingers without drawing or sketch preparatory, exactly as a painting can be born under the effect a brush. That's why each carpet "boucharouite" is a unique work. This is how carpets are born in which all the sensibility of the Moroccan Berber woman can be expressed without restraint or premeditation.

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